Real estate - property

Non-contentious real estate matters

Richard Ryde advises and assists clients in a very wide variety of matters involving commercial and residential real estate.

For purchases and sales of real estate, he accompanies clients throughout the process.

Although final conveyances of land in France, require the intervention of a notaire, Richard Ryde is usually substantially involved in reviewing and drafting all documents to be used in the process, from the initial agreement to sell, up to the final conveyance, particularly where the sale forms part of a wider commercial transaction. He also  ensures that clients are aware of tax implications  before they commit to a transaction. 

He advises in relation to commercial leases as well as any issues arising out of the ownership, operation and management of real estate in a number of different sectors, notably retail, leisure and hotels.

Contentious real estate matters

Richard acts for clients in contentious property work, notably relating to construction, sale contracts, forced sales by creditors and the obtaining of protective measures.

Agency for the purchase and sale of real estate

The law and professional conduct rules for French avocats allow members of the various bars in France French to act as agents for the purchase and sale of real estate, under certain conditions.

Richard is authorised to act as an agent for real estate transactions, both for the purchase and sale of real estate.

He is an active member of AAMTI (Association des Avocats Mandataires en Transactions Immobilières - Association of Avocats Agents for Real Estate Transactions), which assists lawyers in providing these services within the appropriate legal framework ensuring compliance with the professional conduct rules governing avocats.