Setting up a business in France

France is a market and business base which will remain attractive to foreign businesses even post-Brexit.

Richard provides legal advice and assistance to foreign – in particular UK and US – companies wanting to do business in France. 

As well as advising on contractual relationships with commercial partners in France, particularly in relation to distribution and agency contracts, he accompanies foreign businesses seeking to set up new business entities in France.

Even sophisticated companies, operating substantial businesses outside France, may find it surprisingly difficult to obtain all the advice and assistance needed to establish a business in France. In particular, companies often find that the networks of their usual service providers, including accountants and bankers, are not sufficiently reliable when setting up a business in France. 

Richard oversees the entire process of setting up a new business in France, taking into account the desired relationships between the new French business and the existing foreign business and shareholders. Some of the work is carried out personally and some through other service providers. The aim is to ensure that at the end of the set-up phase, clients will have established processes and relationships which allow them to carry out business in France in the most secure way, legally and administratively, and in a manner which has been clearly understood and integrated into processes used within an international group.     

Services may involve:

- setting up a French company

- drafting employment contracts and advising on terms and conditions of employment

- setting up payroll, using local correspondents

- arranging accountancy services

- assisting clients to obtain tax advice which is consistent with advice given abroad to group entities and shareholders  

- setting up banking arrangements

- advising on contractual arrangements within international groups

- advising on compliance with French law relating to specific business sectors